A few home truths …

So you may have noticed in the past few years, my beloved Blog has dwindled in number of posts. Now I can assure you this is not by choice -oh no! But there are very personal reasons for this. 

I never thought I’d ever be so public with this – but I’m going to take a deep breath. Here goes …

To everyone around me, I am the happiest person you will ever find. I always wear a smile. I’m always laughing. I’m always doing as much as I can to keep people happy. There is no way there could be anything wrong in my life.

But if you look a bit closer, it is a very different story.

In September 2015, after a heartfelt discussion with my best friend who encouraged me to go to the doctors, I was diagnosed with severe depression and (social) anxiety. From there, my world took a very dark turn.

I broke down at work. I had to give up my additional responsibilities. I tried to cut my wrists twice. I had 3 immediate family members diagnosed with cancer. I had a supportive workplace become completely unsupportive, and as a result of this – I was told that if I didn’t make “changes” and quickly, I would lose my teaching qualifications permanently.

It got worse.

Those 3 family members who has cancer? Two of them died within 2 weeks of each other. The other – my Mom – was meant to have her cancer removed in November. But it was unsuccessful as the cancer had spread, meaning it’s now incurable. Add to that that out of the blue – another immediate family member had a heart attack and died in my arms.

Yes – it really hasn’t been the best few years.

I won’t lie – there were many times that I wanted to give up. To give in. I will be the first to say that I still have some days when those black thoughts (as I call them!) creep in and try and take over.

But the thing is – I didn’t give up.

I got help. I’ve had therapy (which I’ve found helpful); I was prescribed anti-depressants which helped me find balance; I talked to my nearest and dearest – and to those who also have their own battles and I was willing to try different things to try and help me get better.

Today – I feel more comfortable in discussing my own journey so far. Hey, I’ve written this Blog post about it – you can’t be more open than that 😊😊😊

But in all seriousness, there is never an end to the rollercoaster that is depression and anxiety. There are good days and bad days – I still get them even now – and that is OK! Some days, you’ll feel on top of the world, but a day later – you’ll feel like you want the world to just eat you up. Again, that’s OK!

Some people will get you. Some people won’t. Some people will support you. Others will feel they can’t. Believe me when I say – I have experienced all of the above.

What I will say is that this is my journey. When it comes to depression, anxiety or any mental health issue – no one will go through the same thing.

I hope that by sharing my story (so far) that I can show anyone out there reading this that even through the darkest of darkest days, a way through can be found. It may take a while and it will be tough – but you can do it. Never doubt it.

And I now hope you can all see why I haven’t been around as much. I’m hoping to change this – but that’s a story for another time.

Signing out …….



Exactly one week after my trip to the South of France seeing La Cage Aux Folles, it was time to head back in time to party like it was 1985 with the cast of THE WEDDING SINGER.

Based on the film of the same name, love struck wedding singer Robbie Hart (Jon Robyns) falls down on his luck after being dumped at the altar by fiancee Linda (Hannah Jay Allen). Looking to “friend” Julia (Cassie Compton) for support, both try to deny the obvious spark between them. Julia gets engaged to Glenn (Ray Quinn) and Julia’s best friend Holly (Tara Verloop) comes on to Robbie – but the question is, can Robbie and Julia find their happily ever after before it’s too late?

Right from the start, you are fully immersed into the 80s vibe! Classic movie trailers play as you enter and a little nod to Back to the Future sets the audience up for a fun filled afternoon! And it’s quite obvious from when Robbie and Julia first meet what is going to happen! But, as an audience member, do you care? NO YOU DON’T! You get drawn into the love story hook, line and sinker and are fully behind the characters even through all the obstacles they face!

Yet again, this cast absolutely blew me away! Leading man Jon Robyns was as charismatic as I’ve ever seen him – and matched with the beautiful Cassie Compton (Julia), they were a definite match made in heaven! Elsewhere in the cast, there were phenomenal performances from Ray Quinn as the slimy Glenn Giulia, the utterly sensational Tara Verloop as Holly, the fabulous Samuel Holmes as George and the legend that is Ruth Madoc as Robbie’s grandma Rosie.  Backed by an outstanding ensemble cast and an uplifting 80s inspired original soundtrack – this is a show full of energy, joy and most importantly, finding Love and happiness, be it on your own or with your soul mate!

For me – I am a definite sucker for a happy ending – this show would be a perfect fit in London’s West End. It is ready made with an outstanding cast, phenomenal ensemble, a compact yet effective set and the most uplifting heart and spirit you will ever see.

The tour continues to Liverpool then Edinburgh. Check out http://theweddingsingermusical.co.uk/tour-dates for more dates and details. 


For anyone that knows me personally, 2017 has not been the greatest year – well actually, it’s been the worst ever! I’ve lost 3 immediate family members, found out my Mom has terminal cancer and I’ve also been battling my own health issues. And I’ll admit – my love of theatre was being lost as a result of this.

But, in the past few weeks, I’ve tried to get back to where my heart belongs, to remind myself of why theatre always fills my heart with so much joy. So, I started my journey with my first ever visit to see the current UK tour of LA CAGE AUX FOLLES.

This was one of those shows that I knew all about but had never seen. The story of loved up gay couple Georges (Adrian Zmed) and Albin (John Partridge), who is also the lead performer Zsa Zsa at the local drag club, tells the story of love, family and acceptance (with that added touch of sparkle!) which so struck a chord with me that by the end of the show, I was in tears due to the joy and amount of heart I was seeing on stage – it was just so beautiful!

The cast of this show was also beyond phenomenal! Les Mis alumni Dougie Carter (Jean Michel) was a truly charismatic gentleman, made a perfect pair with the beaitiful Alexandra Robinson (Anne) and performed with so much heart, especially in his Act 2 reprise of “Look Over There,” while the legendary Marti Webb (Jacqueline) showed off her West End experience, taking command of the stage throughout with truly immaculate comic timing.

A special mention must go to the gentleman in the photo – the sensational Samuel Ajewole (Jacob) who blew me away with every part of his performance. He performs with the confidence of a seasoned performer who has been on stage for many years – yet, he is relatively newcomer to the Theatre industry! This guy is definitely a name to watch – in fact, I think he would be a truly phenomenal Lola over at the Adelphi Theatre! You heard it here first 🙂

Then you have Adrian Zmed and John Partridge leading the cast – and what a perfect duo they are! I could not think of two more stunning performers to lead this show. The warmth and love between them on stage was overwhelming and both were able to show off their phenomenal skills throughout the show. I have seen John Partridge in a number of roles up to now – but this has to be the BEST I have ever seen him!

This show really brings home how important being yourself and loving yourself is for everyone EVERYWHERE. With the dark times in our world right now, this was the most joyful and all round fabulous tonic that I needed! A must watch folks 👍👍👍

The tour continues throughout the UK – check out http://www.kenwright.com/microsite/la-cage-aux-folles/ for more details.


With everything that has happened in Westminster, London today – it has made me reflect on what it is I love about this vibrant, diverse and enchanting city so much, and on the top of that long list (no surprises!) is the Theatre.

What I love about London is that, unlike other countries in the world, it has a Theatre Industry that is constantly growing, thriving and becoming more enchanting every day. And unlike some major world leaders (cough cough TRUMP cough cough!), London and the people who live here see the Theatre as the true beacon of hope, faith and courage that it can truly be.

For some, Theatre is an escape from reality.  For others, it is a chance to celebrate joy, love and passion. 

Some see Theatre as a place of never ending fairytales for the young and old. Theatre, for others, can be the chance to face your fears and stand up in the face of adversity. 

For me personally, Theatre gives me so much joy. I feel truly transported to the happiest of places when I take my seat and the lights go down. Whether it is the mystery of the Paris Opera House; an Underground club in the centre of Memphis; tasting the questionable “best pies in London”, or getting drinks in the Barrio – my soul feels truly lifted when I’m in the city of London.

This place will always have the most special place in my heart as it has given me so much happiness, not just in the Theatre, but with the amazing friends I’ve made and the magnificent performers I’ve been  able to see

No matter how much darkness there is in the world, or how much chaos we see on our streets, there really is no place like London ❤❤❤❤

#LondonStrong #WeAreNotAfraid #LondonisOPEN


Hello folks – how have you all been?

Firstly, I want to wish you all the happiest of Happy New Years, and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season wherever you were celebrating.

I’ve really missed writing in my little Blog over the past few months. It’s so unfortunate that life and health sometimes gets in the way and has to take priority over “fun” things. 

But I made a promise to myself that I am determined to blog more in 2017, and so – here I am!!

It’s been  a very dark time for me personally over the past few months, but I’m hoping my jumping back into the Blogging world will bring some much needed love and light into my little world!

Keep your eyes peeled for new posts coming soon!!!

FIRST LISTEN! Daniel and Laura Curtis present their new album”Overture”

One of the greatest joys I have from creating this Blog is being able to discover and promote work of truly amazing performers and composers who I had never heard of before. It’s opened my eyes to a new world of talent and, quite frankly, more awesomeness than I have ever imagined. 

This most definitely applies to the awesome duo of Daniel and Laura Curtis. Their first full album – Love on 42nd Street – showed me, and the world what truly stunning magic they can create. Featuring the vocal talents of Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, Lea Salonga and John Owen Jones to name just a few, it was so thrilling to see Daniel and Laura’s work received in such a positive way by performers and the music industry alike.

I’m thrilled to say that Daniel and Laura are back and better than ever! Their second album “Overture” is out this Monday and I was truly blessed to be given a sneaky opportunity to hear this glorious collection of songs prior to its release. And I can tell you, in my opinion, this album is their best work to date!

Split over 2 very clear Acts, each starting with their own truly beautiful “Overture, this album takes you on a enchanting journey through the most stunning score, full of joy, heartbreak and so much haunting beauty, you would think you are listening to a recording of the next great piece of British Musical Theatre. Daniel and Laura’s music always speaks so much to my heart – but they have truly excelled themselves here.

What makes this album such a stand out is also the phenomenal cast of West End and Broadway performers that have leant their vocal talents to such majestic songs- it really is a Who’s who of musical theatre talent.  From Earl Carpenter, James Monroe Iglehart, Emmanuel Kojo, Will Swenson and the fantastic Bryce Pinkham to Melinda Doolittle, Emma Hatton, Charlotte Jaconelli, Natalie Weiss and the stunning Rachel John – the vast array of talent just shows how respected, loved and admired both Daniel and Laura are. 

This really is a must buy album for not only musical theatre fans, but for fans of music in general. You will not find any other album out there which features this array of performers singing the most beautifully emotive range of songs!

“Overture” is out on Monday 24th October. You can buy it over at http://www.danandlauracurtis.com/ or at all major music download sites.

MUST SEE – The Railway Children (Kings Cross Theatre)

Despite being an English teacher by day, “The Railway Children” by E.Nesbit was actually one of those stories that I had never read. Little did I know that, thanks to my wonderful Year 11 pupils giving me tickets to see the show at the King’s Cross Theatre, it was quickly going to become one of my all time favourites. 

I should probably first explain that I was given this ticket by my Year 11 pupils after their GCSE exams before they left school as a thank you gift. (They know what a theatre lover I am and I was bowled over by their generosity!) They were especially thrilled that it was a show I hadn’t seen too! (A rarity for me, I promise!)

I had previously visited the King’s Cross Theatre to see “In the Heights”- another fantastic show which runs alongside “The Railway Children” and another MUST SEE! Seeing the extremely unique staging used in this production, it made me even more curious as to how it would be transformed for this classic novel. 

But as I walked into the Theatre on a sunny afternoon in early August, I was bowled over to see how the space had been changed! 

I was greeted by a bustling stage area, full of passengers  (ensemble cast members) waiting for the next train, chatting with audience members (young and old) as they did strolled up and down the sides of the railway track. I won’t lie – the smile that appeared on my face, and the warmth in my heart I gained at this moment is something I’ll never forget.

Over the next 2 and a bit hours, I was completely swept away by this magnificent production. The highs, the lows. The laughs, the tears. The heart warming story of making the most of new adventures, being brave in the face of danger, and never giving up hope brought so much joy to every member of the 1000 strong audience – myself included. 

Add to that a stunning stage production with some of the most unique sets anywhere in Theatre Land (including a full size steam train!) and a truly amazing cast – this really was the most uplifting day out, and I can’t thank my Year 11s enough for such a thoughtful gift.

This is a production for the whole family! It is running at the King’s Cross Theatre, London until the 8th January 2017. You can find more details about the production, as well as buy tickets, at https://www.railwaychildrenlondon.com/home 

I urge you all to go and experience the magic of “The Railway Children” – I promise you that you won’t regret it!