With everything that has happened in Westminster, London today – it has made me reflect on what it is I love about this vibrant, diverse and enchanting city so much, and on the top of that long list (no surprises!) is the Theatre.

What I love about London is that, unlike other countries in the world, it has a Theatre Industry that is constantly growing, thriving and becoming more enchanting every day. And unlike some major world leaders (cough cough TRUMP cough cough!), London and the people who live here see the Theatre as the true beacon of hope, faith and courage that it can truly be.

For some, Theatre is an escape from reality.  For others, it is a chance to celebrate joy, love and passion. 

Some see Theatre as a place of never ending fairytales for the young and old. Theatre, for others, can be the chance to face your fears and stand up in the face of adversity. 

For me personally, Theatre gives me so much joy. I feel truly transported to the happiest of places when I take my seat and the lights go down. Whether it is the mystery of the Paris Opera House; an Underground club in the centre of Memphis; tasting the questionable “best pies in London”, or getting drinks in the Barrio – my soul feels truly lifted when I’m in the city of London.

This place will always have the most special place in my heart as it has given me so much happiness, not just in the Theatre, but with the amazing friends I’ve made and the magnificent performers I’ve been  able to see

No matter how much darkness there is in the world, or how much chaos we see on our streets, there really is no place like London ❤❤❤❤

#LondonStrong #WeAreNotAfraid #LondonisOPEN


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