FIRST LISTEN! Daniel and Laura Curtis present their new album”Overture”

One of the greatest joys I have from creating this Blog is being able to discover and promote work of truly amazing performers and composers who I had never heard of before. It’s opened my eyes to a new world of talent and, quite frankly, more awesomeness than I have ever imagined. 

This most definitely applies to the awesome duo of Daniel and Laura Curtis. Their first full album – Love on 42nd Street – showed me, and the world what truly stunning magic they can create. Featuring the vocal talents of Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, Lea Salonga and John Owen Jones to name just a few, it was so thrilling to see Daniel and Laura’s work received in such a positive way by performers and the music industry alike.

I’m thrilled to say that Daniel and Laura are back and better than ever! Their second album “Overture” is out this Monday and I was truly blessed to be given a sneaky opportunity to hear this glorious collection of songs prior to its release. And I can tell you, in my opinion, this album is their best work to date!

Split over 2 very clear Acts, each starting with their own truly beautiful “Overture, this album takes you on a enchanting journey through the most stunning score, full of joy, heartbreak and so much haunting beauty, you would think you are listening to a recording of the next great piece of British Musical Theatre. Daniel and Laura’s music always speaks so much to my heart – but they have truly excelled themselves here.

What makes this album such a stand out is also the phenomenal cast of West End and Broadway performers that have leant their vocal talents to such majestic songs- it really is a Who’s who of musical theatre talent.  From Earl Carpenter, James Monroe Iglehart, Emmanuel Kojo, Will Swenson and the fantastic Bryce Pinkham to Melinda Doolittle, Emma Hatton, Charlotte Jaconelli, Natalie Weiss and the stunning Rachel John – the vast array of talent just shows how respected, loved and admired both Daniel and Laura are. 

This really is a must buy album for not only musical theatre fans, but for fans of music in general. You will not find any other album out there which features this array of performers singing the most beautifully emotive range of songs!

“Overture” is out on Monday 24th October. You can buy it over at or at all major music download sites.


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