ALBUM REVIEW – Anna O’Byrne’s “Dream”

I first had the absolute honour of seeing Anna O’Byrne perform live on stage when she was playing the role of Christine in the legendary (and my all time favourite!) “Phantom of the Opera” at Her Majesty’s Theatre, London. From the first moment she stepped onto the stage – I was completely captivated by her truly enchanting and all round phenomenal performance.


Anna continued to showcase her stunning talent around the world on stage. But now, she has taken to the recording studio to release her debut solo album, entitled “Dream.”

The album contains a beautifully diverse range of musical genres and styles and really does give the listener a huge insight into the music and artists that have inspired Anna in her career.

From “Sense and Sensibility”, to “State Fair” and a classic James Bond theme to name just a few, there are tracks on here for everybody.

And it’s not just Anna’s solo talent that shines on the album. In duets with the legendary¬† Rebecca Caine and former Love Never Dies co-star Ben Lewis, we see an even more elegantly charming side to Anna’s voice – it is very easy to hear how much she is having!

“Dream” is a truly mesmerising collection of enchanting music delivered by the voice of one of the most talented sopranos you will ever be blessed to hear. This album is for everyone, and I only hope that it will give Anna even more worldwide recognition that she so deserves!

Signing off for now,

Blue Eyed Girl Xxx