REVIEW – Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Harrington’s Pie Shop, Tooting)

Review by Selena Zafar.

From the moment you enter the barber’s shop doubling as a ticket office/bar, you are aware you are about to experience something special. The serendipitous location of 106 year old Harrington’s directly opposite where we lay our scene is without question the most unique venue for theatre you will ever encounter. Sondheim’s bloody masterpiece has never looked so good.

(Photo provided by Selena Zafar)

Sweeney Todd in a living, breathing pie shop in vibrant Tooting is a stroke of genius. Every inch of Harrington’s is used to perfection by the eight strong company who clamber over benches and worktops. The noise from the locals filters in at points and adds to the authenticity of this stunning production from Rachel Edwards and her team.

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Jeremy Secomb’s menacing and gloriously sung Sweeney is a marvel. At numerous points I stared into those demonic eyes and genuinely feared for my safety. Audience members will find themselves within inches of the infamous razors and beware the urine hair tonic. Siobhan McCarthy is a chirpy lovelorn Mrs Lovett while the romance is supplied by Grace Chapman’s sweet Johanna and Nadim Naaman who is fast becoming one of London’s most appealing leading men. Special mention must also be made of Kiara Jay who doubles as Beggar Woman and Pirelli and Joseph Taylor who is truly heartbreaking as Tobias.

(Photo from Tooting Arts Club – Facebook Page)

I am not surprised that the entire run sold out before press night and that this has garnered five star reviews. If anything five stars does not seem enough for such an emotive, immersive, unforgettable evening. Perhaps I shall throw in the moon too! Tooting Arts Club have excelled themselves and I applaud every single person involved. This is site specific theatre at its very best.

(Photo provided by Selena Zafar)

In short, Sweeney Todd at Harrington’s is without doubt the most memorable and delicious piece of theatre you will see this year.

I can’t thank Selena enough for writing this review of what sounds like a phenomenal evening of theatre. As I wasn’t lucky enough to get tickets myself – it has been such a pleasure to hear so many rave reviews and comments from those I know who were lucky enough to go, including brilliant reviews like Selena’s. And although I won’t see this production for myself – I am absolutely over the moon it has been such a resounding success, especially for the super awesome Jeremy Secomb, Nadim Naaman and the whole cast and crew – you should all be so proud of this little diamond of a show!

Signing off for now,

Blue Eyed Girl Xxx


The Top 10 "STAGEY" albums that everyone should own!

Music is such an integral part of the world we live in today.

From the songs we sing in the shower every day (go on, admit it! :)), to the theme songs of our favourite TV shows, all the way to the ringtones on our phones, music surrounds us every hour of every day. And for me, I can honestly say I couldn’t live without music being the soundtrack of my life – whether it be the slowest ballad, the bounciest pop song or the loudest rock anthem you have ever heard.

Now, being the self confessed STAGEY geek that I am, I am not ashamed to say there is a large proportion of Theatre based/inspired albums in my collection and there has been for a very long time. The talent on show on every one of these tracks on every one of these albums is just phenomenal and a true treat for the ears.

I wanted to share with you 10 of the albums and EPs currently in my collection that I think everybody should own as they are some of the most stunning, enchanting and wonderful albums/EPs that I have had the privilege to hear.

1) “Bond and Beyond” by Louise Dearman.

I first came across Louise’s magnificent talent when I saw her as Glinda in WICKED. Since then, she has become a must see talent for her powerful, soaring vocals and extraordinary skill for telling a story through song (To this day, she remains my favourite ever Elphaba and her version of DEFYING GRAVITY – well it gives me chills and takes my breath away just thinking about it!) So when it was announced she was to record 4 of the most iconic James Bond theme tunes for this EP, I couldn’t think of a more perfect fit for Louise. She sings every song with such emotion and tenacity that you can’t help be captivated by the voice of this amazingly talented lady.

2) “View of You” by Craig Mather

It has been a true honour to support Craig ever since I first encountered his amazing talent back in Les Miserables in January 2012. He also gave me the great honour of being my first ever face to face Blog interview (which you can read at and he is definitely one of the sweetest and humble performers I have ever met. His debut EP shows that not only is he a fantastic on stage performer, but he is an extremely talented and credible music artist too. Think Passenger, Muse, Jason Mraz and Bryan Adams all fused into one – with Craig’s own unique twist and you have yourself a must own EP.
3)  “Equally The Musical” by Tim Prottey Jones and Tori Allen Martin
(Pictures from
What do you get when you put together two of the most talented performer/song-writers together and they decide to write a musical? Well – you need look no further than EQUALLY. Written by the stunning Tori Allen Martin (more on her later ;)) and my fellow Brummie, and current star of ONCE, Tim Prottey Jones, EQUALLY tells the story of Orianna Young. She is just a normal girl, living a quiet life in a sleepy town, when out of nowhere Tristan Hamilton arrives on the scene, and straight into her heart, like a bullet. Suddenly, nothing will ever be the same again. Orianna has to make a choice and either way, it’s going to hurt.
The EP features the utter vocal perfection of both Prottey Jones and Allen Martin, as well as original EQUALLY cast members Will Bridges, Shaun Chambers and Ambra Caserotti – all of whom deliver a performance that will melt your heart for all the right reasons. After producing such a stunning collaboration, I can only hope it won’t be long before Tim and Tori work together again!
4) “West End Switched Off”
“West End Switched Off” has to be one of the most unique albums on this list. “West End Switched Off” is a brand new, exciting series of recordings that arrange musical theatre into acoustic, ‘unplugged’ covers, collaborating with a wealth of talented musicians and performers. The album features Ashleigh Gray (Wicked), Simon Bailey (I Can’t Sing/Phantom of the Opera), Adrian Hansel (Hairspray), Ian Stroughair (RENT/Chicago), Katie Hall (Les Misérables/Phantom of the Opera) Dale Evans (Miss Saigon/From Here To Eternity) and many more.
It is so refreshing to hear such iconic songs transformed and performed by such an array of phenomenally talented performers – I would go as far to say some of these tracks may give the original versions a run for their money. For a different take on classic songs – this is the album for you!
To learn more about the album  – head on over to!projects/cnec
5) “Rock of Ages – Original Broadway Cast Recording”
Just the thought of this show makes me smile like a Cheshire Cat and I’m sure anyone who has experienced this brilliantly funny and hilarious show feels exactly the same. Despite closing in the West End after an extended run at the Shaftesbury and then the Garrick Theatre, ROCK OF AGES still brings hundreds of people to their feet across America, and with the UK Tour of the show still going strong after beginning back in May this year – the love that people have for this show, especially the hardcore ROAdies, seems to be having a resurgence. Don’t get me wrong – ROCK OF AGES was never going to be about a complex storyline and deep and meaningful characterisation! But if you love a show full of heart and laughter and one of the most uplifting experiences you will have in the theatre – then this is a must buy album for you!
6) “Greatest Hits – Volume 1” by Scott Alan.
When you talk about creating music with heart, soul and passion – for me, there is no other composer who can evoke so many different emotions through music in the way that Scott Alan does. I first discovered Scott’s enchanting music through his collaborations with Hadley Fraser (on the heart breaking “Again”) and also with Ramin Karimloo and his duet with Hadley on “Take Me Away.” Since then , I have become such a fan of Scott’s work – particularly in the honesty that he gives to every song he writes – and I have also had the privilege to meet this amazing man on two occasions as well. This album – his first Greatest Hits collection – brings together some of his most spell binding tracks with some phenomenal vocalists including Shoshana Bean, Willjemin Verkaik, Marc Broussard, Oliver Tompsett, and Cynthia Erivo amongst many others. If you have never encountered Scott’s music before – I can guarantee you that buying this album will be the best decision you’ve made all year – but be prepared, it’s going to be emotional!
7) “Just Let Go” by Hadley Fraser
If you have ever read a post on this Blog, you will be more than fully aware of the huge amount of respect and admiration I have for Hadley Fraser. Ever since I first saw Hadley perform on stage in “Les Miserables” back in January 2012 and first heard him play his own music live in June 2012, I along with many others have patiently, and at sometimes impatiently, waited for the day when he would finally release an EP of his own material. Thankfully, that day came back in August this year and the result was the beautiful “Just Let Go.” With a cover design by the super talented Rachel Hunter (@RSIllustrations), these 5 tracks perfectly sum up not only the kind of artist that Hadley has always strived to be, but they also compliment each other perfectly, taking a listener on the most relaxing, enchanting journey through love, heartbreak, loneliness and the quest for a hopeful future. The perfect album to chill out and relax to on these cold winter evenings.
8) “We All Want the Same” by Nadim Naaman
It is hard to believe that it has been well over a year since the versatile, amazingly talented and all round wonderful soul that is Nadim Naaman released his first album “We All Want the Same.” A collection of beautifully emotive and enchanting songs which each tell their own unique story creates an unmissable album that can become the soundtrack for holidays in the most exotic locations, creating a beautiful atmosphere for dinner with friends, even for the commute to work each morning – that is how versatile this album is, and just shows what a phenomenal artist Nadim is.
You can read more  of my thoughts about “We All Want the Same” at
9) “ONCE – A New Musical. (Original Broadway Cast Recording)”
Despite recent news of the impending closures for both the Broadway and London productions of this show, the love I have for ONCE, and particularly its’ music continues to be as strong as ever. In fact, it was this recording of the Broadway cast – lead magnificently by Steve Kazee and Cristina Milioti – that allowed me to fall in love with the show before it even came to the West End. What has always stood to me about this soundtrack is the simplistic beauty of each track which, in turn, creates a beautifully simple story of a Guy and a Girl that you can’t help but fall in love with. I defy anyone to listen to this album and NOT be in tears by the time the final reprise of the hauntingly beautiful “Falling Slowly” plays. A show that truly touches your heart – and an album that should be a part of your collection for many years to come.
10) “The Wasted EP” by Tori Allen Martin
I just had to include this final EP on this list. However I can’t say much about it as it hasn’t been released yet!
What I do know is that Tori Allen Martin is one of the most talented performers and most beautiful souls that I have ever come across in this Stagey World in which we are all a part of. I have never had the privilege to see this amazing lady perform live – but from the recordings I have heard (including EQUALLY, which I mentioned earlier), she is truly one phenomenally talented lady, and if the previews of this EP are anything to go by – you will be hearing a lot more about Tori Allen Martin – mark my words!

I would love to hear your thoughts on any of the albums/EPs I have recommended and also about any STAGEY albums/EPs you would recommend to!

Signing off for now

Blue Eyed Girl Xxx