FIRST LISTEN – Dan and Laura Curtis’ "Love on 42nd Street"

I have been so blessed to support the phenomenal writing duo of Dan and Laura Curtis since I first discovered their work in the summer of 2013, and I have also been lucky enough to interview them, as well as the winner of their YOUR VOICE competition Kasia Howley, on 3 occasions in total.
So when they gave me the chance to have a sneak preview of their new album LOVE ON 42ND STREET – featuring the stunning vocals of such amazing talent as John Owen Jones, Sierra Boggess, Lea Salonga and Ramin Karimloo, amongst many others – I jumped at the opportunity!
And now, just a mere few hours away from the official release date – I am so pleased to report that this very special album, full of delightfully enchanting original tracks, more than lives up to the hype.
From your first look at the unique artwork – so beautifully created by Mike Collison – it is obvious that this album, which will be raising money for Children In Need, is one that stands out from the many Musical Theatre style albums that are being released at the moment. It also creates an enchanting atmosphere as it draws in the potential listener, and makes them curious as to what they are about to hear.
And if that wasn’t intriguing enough, you then look at the list of vocalists – and I defy anyone not to be blown away by the wealth of phenomenal talent that Dan and Laura have assembled. From Broadway and Hollywood stars, the best of upcoming British talent, and a new star discovered by Dan and Laura through one of the featured tracks – you could not ask for more!
What Dan and Laura have crafted here is 8 tracks which tell the most beautifully enchanting story, which every single one of us can relate to – LOVE. Whether it be that first moment of laying your eyes on that one special person and questioning what to do next, the first moments of a blossoming relationship, or declaring the bond that two people share to the rest of the world – each track tells a truly distinctive, yet delicately stunning story.
Starting off the album with new Broadway superstar Ramin Karimloo, “Why Am I Falling” – which Dan and Laura released in aid of last years’ Children in Need appeal – sets the tone for the whole album. With its soaring piano melodies, and uplifting chorus, it is a song that will fill any loving heart with joy and hope at the wonder of what may be to come. Ramin’s powerful, yet tender vocals are the perfect match for this beautiful track which could be the anthem for new couples everywhere.
Following this track with Ramin’s former “Love Never Dies” and “Phantom of the Opera” co-star Sierra Boggess was the perfect match to me. In fact, for this Blue Eyed Girl, “You Caught Me Off Guard” could easily fit into either of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s legendary productions with the greatest ease. Sierra’s stunning soprano range fits this elegant track perfectly – so much so, you can easily imagine Sierra’s Christine Daae sitting in an ornate Parisian room in that infamous Opera House, singing about this mysterious voice that she hears “inside of her head.”
The legendary Lea Salonga brings her beautiful voice to “Wish That I Could Call You.” The balance of the mellow, relaxing melodies complimented by Lea’s enchanting vocals is the perfect showcase for this astonishing talent, who even many years after her Theatrical debut, still has the ability to evoke so many emotions in anyone who listens to her. The same can be said of the fantastic Katy Treharne – who lends her stunning talent to the magical “What Love Is For.” She delivers the track with such amazing grace, skill and beauty that it is difficult not to be moved by the stunning story that she tells through the song.
The powerhouse vocals of Welsh legend John Owen Jones are up next on “Tell Me What Makes A Man” – definitely one of the most up tempo tracks on the album – and one of this Blue Eyed Girl’s personal album highlights! On first listen, I was very much reminded of JOJ’s version of “Thunderball” from his own recent album – and this Dan and Laura original more than matches it with its’ thundering bass and thrilling build to its amazing climax. Yet another track that suits its’ singer perfectly – I have always said John is one of the best vocal storytellers I have ever heard – and I will state now, after hearing this – if John Owen Jones doesn’t sing the next James Bond theme tune, I don’t know what he has to do! His vocals would just be so perfect!
Simon Bowman also lends his powerhouse vocals and fantastic storytelling skills to “No Time for Romance.” This song is what I would call an “old school classic” –  it reminds me of the tracks that you would usually associate with the Ratpack Era. Smooth, laidback and effortlessly cool. You feel at total ease when you first listen to Simon’s smooth and mellow voice, and even when he unleashes the power behind that voice, you just feel compelled to keep listening.

One of the biggest achievements that Dan and Laura have accomplished in this last year would be the discovery of  the amazing talent that is Kasia Howley through the YOUR VOICE competition. After recording and releasing her version of “Why Am I Falling”, Kasia returns on the stunningly beautiful “Now.” For me, this has to be the biggest tear-jerker on the album – it certainly made me cry! It is just astonishing to me that someone as young as Kasia can tell such an enchanting story and with such a beautiful voice. I guarantee this is a name you will be hearing big things from in years to come – mark my words!

And what a way to finish the album with the mind-blowing vocals of Samantha Barks. After her successes both on stage and screen – most notably in the big screen adaptation of Les Miserables – Samantha returns to what she does best and proves why she is one of the greatest talents that the UK has ever produced. “You Fixed My Broken Wings” – another Blue Eyed Girl album highlight – is an absolute tour de force and a masterclass that any aspiring music performer should listen to and take note of. The powerful and soaring melodies, complimented by the magical mix of Samantha’s vocals backed by a majestic choir was just the perfect way to finish what is a sensational album.

Track Listing

1. Why Am I Falling – Ramin Karimloo
2. You Caught Me Off Guard – Sierra Boggess
3. Wished That I Could Call You – Lea Salonga
4. Tell Me What Makes A Man – John Owen Jones
5. What Love Is For – Katy Treharne
6. No Time For Romance – Simon Bowman
7. Now – Kasia Howley
8. You Fixed My Broken Wings – Samantha Barks

If you want to grab a copy of LOVE ON 42ND STREET – and come on, why wouldn’t you? – then, check out the following links where you can buy or download the album: –

Amazon –

Dan and Laura’s Official website (CD) –!shop/c24l6

**The album will also be released on iTunes!!

I must thank Dan and Laura from the bottom of my heart for letting me listen to the album ahead of its’ release. I consider it an absolute honour and I only hope that my review has done justice to their amazing album.

Signing off for now

Blue Eyed Girl Xxx



Blue Eyed Girl catches up with . . . Dan and Laura Curtis

(Photo from Google Plus)

To say Dan and Laura Curtis have been on a rollercoaster ride since we last spoke would be a massive understatement! From recording with Ramin Karimloo, to discovering the amazing Kasia Howley, to the Your Voice Competition and the start of a musical on the life of the late Richard Burton, this very talented duo just keep on going!

With their new album LOVE ON 42ND STREET due to be released on Monday – featuring the mind-blowing talents of Sierra Boggess, John Owen Jones and Katy Treharne amongst many others, I sat down with Dan and Laura for a much needed catch up . . .

What have you been up to since we last spoke?

It has been such a crazy time with recording the album and running the Your Voice Competition. We really haven’t stopped but it is great to be busy!

You released “Why Am I Falling?”, featuring Ramin Karimloo at the end of last year. The song was also part of the catalyst that found the first winner of the YOUR VOICE competition, Kasia Howley. Did you ever expect to get such an overwhelming response to the song as you did?

When you write a song, you can only hope that it gets a great reaction. When we wrote the song, we really believed it could do well but the response has been mind blowing. We get so many messages everyday from people who are just discovering the song. Working with Ramin on the recording and the lyrics was a pleasure and we cannot wait to see him on Broadway later this year.

Kasia Howley is such a unique talent and we really believe she will be in the West End in a lead role in the not so distant future.

What is the one album (apart from your own), past or present that you think everyone should listen to once?
That is such a hard question but I think it would be The Beatles and their Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album which is a masterpiece. Musical theatre soundtrack though would be Newsies! We just love Alan Menken’s music and that cast are sensational.

What was the last concert/gig you went to that left you speechless? (In a good way!)
We go to see many concerts but watching Michael Feinstein record his live DVD at the Leicester Square Theatre in London was a night that we will never forget. He was just amazing and the energy in the room that night was very special.

What was the last play/musical that you saw?
The last musical that we saw was Pippin on Broadway. It was one of the strongest casts that we have ever seen. Matthew James Thomas who is currently playing Pippin is an incredible talent and it was great seeing him perform. The show was recommended to us by John Owen-Jones and we were so pleased we took his advice.

You are about to release your new album LOVE ON 42ND STREET. How did you come up with the album name? And what was the inspiration for the cover artwork?
We asked people to come up with suggestions of possible names for the album along the theme of ‘Broadway Hearts’ and after a lot of though we came up with the title. We wanted something that symbolised Broadway and 42nd Street is just so iconic.

(Picture provided by Dan and Laura Curtis)


For the cover art, we decided that we would love an actual painting to be the main front cover image but we are not gifted in that department at all! Our good friend Mike Collison is a very gifted artist and he took our vision and turned it into reality.

What was your favourite part of the album-making process?
Without question it would be the vocal recording sessions. It is such a pleasure to work with incredible singers and hear it all come together. They all put their own spin on what you have written and it such a creative time.

Obviously – the theme of the album is LOVE. What made you choose that theme in particular?
Definitely our first trip to New York, where we were constantly surrounded by the emotions and stories of others. From Central Park, where we’d see new parents, couples – young and old, to the 9/11 memorial where the flowers in the names surrounding the water told thousands of stories of loss. From this we decided to create an album that conveyed love in all forms.
If you HAD TO pick (and if you don’t mind me asking!), which song is your favourite on the album?
It is a strange thing to say but after you write a song you kind of hand it over to the world and it kind of becomes as much theirs as it does yours. We don’t have a favourite but the great thing with music is that our music choice changes with the mood that we are in. We have tried to write songs that reflect happy, sad and different emotions so whatever mood you are in, there is something that you would hopefully enjoy!
You have such an array of amazing talent on this album. How did you choose the vocalists that you wanted to include? Did you have a singer in mind for each track when you wrote them?
We actually wrote each of the songs for the person singing them, which was a very different way of working for us. We wanted the album to be very personal and we wanted to try and capture the singers individual style in the song. We did come up with a wish list of who we would love to have on this album and fortunately we were able to write and record a song with most of them. For scheduling reasons some songs did not work out but do watch this space!

Are there any artists out there you would still like to work with that you haven’t yet?
There are so many artists that we would love to work with and the great thing is that we find new ones all the time. We have some very exciting projects coming up with some of Broadway’s biggest stars.

What does the rest of 2014 hold for you?
First thing up is promoting the album but we have a number of projects on the go. We are working very hard on our musical based around the life of the late great Richard Burton. We have a series of singles that we will be releasing later this year and will hopefully be recording them with artists over the next few months.
In 10 words or less – tell my readers why they should buy the album.

Lea, Ramin, JOJ, Samantha, Simon, Katy, Sierra and Kasia 🙂

If you want to grab a copy of LOVE ON 42ND STREET – and come on, why wouldn’t you? – then, check out the following links where you can pre-order and download the album: –
Amazon –
Dan and Laura’s Official website (CD) –!shop/c24l6

**The album will also be released on iTunes!!

I want to wish Dan and Laura so much luck for the album release. I only hope that such beautiful music, performed by some phenomenal talent gets the recognition it so truly deserves!

Signing off for now

Blue Eyed Girl Xxx

A Letter to the original cast of ONCE London . . .

As the original cast of this stunning show enters its final week, I just wanted to say thank you to them all in what I hope is my own “special way”.

To Declan, Zrinka, Valda, Jamie, Phoebe, Ryan, Allison, David, Aidan, Katrina, Gareth, Michael, Tim, Jos, Flora, Christina, Alex, Jez, Gabriel, Robbie, Ceyda, Emily, Rosanna and Honey.

It’s hard to believe that a whole year has flown past since you all arrived in the West End as part of one of the most anticipated imports from across the Pond that we have had in years. And now, as your time at this beautiful show comes to an end, I just wanted to show you how much I, as well as thousands upon thousands of fans that you have gained over this year, appreciate everything you have achieved at the Phoenix Theatre.

When I heard ONCE was going to be coming to London, I was absolutely overjoyed! Having loved theatre since I was very young – but only renewing my love for it in 2009/10, this was the first time I had felt so much joy about a show opening. The original Broadway cast soundtrack had been a major part of my CD collection for many years. The simplistic beauty of every single track melted my heart on the very first listen – and continues to do so to this day! But despite my love for the soundtrack – I had never seen the film, so I had no visual representations of what these characters were meant to be like.

Fast forward to a cold, wet evening in April 2013. It was your second Press Night and with ticket in hand, I headed for my first of many visits to the Phoenix Theatre. The atmosphere was still electric after the resounding success of the previous Press Night and as I headed on stage for a drink and to watch your amazing pre-show performance first hand, I knew I was in for a treat.

2 hours, 30 minutes (or so) later, ONCE (and all of you) had stolen my heart.

I went on to visit your enchanting show 9 times over the year, and although I know that may not sound like alot in comparison with some, I have never seen a single show this many times in such a short space of a time – and believe me, if I didn’t live so far away from the Phoenix, it would have been much more!

People would ask me why I kept coming back so many times – and my answer was the same every time. A story that is so beautifully simple, that it’s simply beautiful. Put that together with one of the strongest, most dynamic and ridiculously talented ensembles I have EVER seen (bar none), then how could people not come back again and again?

Every single one of you is not only an amazing actor or actress, but a ridiculously talented musician. There is not one weak link amongst you. The dynamic nature and unity you have when you are all on stage is magical. And when I heard Declan, in a recent tweet, describe you all as a BAND, number 1 – I couldn’t agree more, and number 2 – this yet again shows what a wealth of talent you all possess!

I also think it says so much about the strength of a cast that when an Understudy is on, you would not know they weren’t part of the regular main cast – and this is the case with ONCE. I didn’t get to see all of the Understudies – but there is no doubt in my mind you were all just as phenomenal as each other.

My final visit to you all was on 8th February 2013 (as sadly I am unable to attend your final day) – and I still remember the exact moment during that show when it hit me that I would not have the honour of seeing you all perform live together again (it was during GOLD) and it broke my heart. But the memories (and the goosebumps) I will take from that show, as well as all of my visits will stay with me forever.

For all the kindness you have shown me when I have met so many of you at the Stage Door, for the laughs, for the tears, for the joy, for the passion – and for the music – I can only thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Whatever the future may hold for you – whether it be in the East End of London, the National Theatre, Shakespeare or continuing your ONCE journey, I wish you so much love, luck, happiness and blessings. You will all be so missed – the new cast certainly have HUGE shoes to fill!!!

Signing off for now

Blue Eyed Girl Xxx